Monday, May 7, 2012

  I thought it was well overdue for a post.   I am planning on building up a portfolio to have as a point of reference.  I would like to start painting for commission.   I don't have a business model or a pricing schedule set yet, mostly because i don't know how much to charge.   I am still in the practice for free stage i think mostly.   

First off we have the Lord Commissar.  I replaced the power sword with a power fist that i found.  Strength 3 needs as much help as it can get!

Next up is the hell hound.  I haven't named it yet, but i got the first layer of paint done.   The dozer blade and the front sponson weapon is magnetized so that they can be brought or left at home.

This was the first mini that i painted for someone else.  It is a reaper mini that a guy at work had me repair.  After i repaired it i thought it should be painted.  

Another reaper mini.  This is a warg that i am using as a war dog warcaster attachment for my khadorians.
Here is my eVladmir.   The new warcaster that i am trying.  He is pretty ridiculous as well as the size of his shoulder armor.

Close up of the detail of Vlad's sword.   The Dark Prince indeed.