Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Long time no post

Hello All!

It has been WAY too long since I have posted. My wife and I have bought our first house in the beginning of august. Needless to say, I have been drowning in house since then. In other news, a good friend of Vornskyr's has opened a store about 20 minutes from me, so now I have two great LGSs to go to and support.

I admit that most of my modeling time has been consumed by the 5th god of chaos - home ownership. Amidst the drownage, I have squeaked in as much modeling as I could. I have made very slow progress on my Eldar, and in fact, because of the move, I may have lost some ground. The dark angels did get some love, especially the Deathwing.

I do have to rant a bit here. I was thinking about the Dark Angels. I then compared them to regular space marines. The space marine codex gives some very cool options that the dark angels do not get. The one thing that makes the Dark Angels unique compared to other space marines, is their ability to take terminators and bikers as troops – the Deathwing and Ravenwing. Outside of that, and their related special rules, I cannot really think of any specialties that make the Dark Angels a better selection than any of the other power armored brethren. Please correct me if I am in error about this, as I plan to sell off much of my “core” dark angels stuff. Without further ado, here is what I got completed so far.

Ye old assault wraithlord. I was on a priming high, and in my zeal, I primed him before I realized that I still had some modeling to do on him still. He is lacking his twin flamers, and skirt. There are some gaps on him that still need to be filled with GS as well. Alas, i do not have new pics of him.

The butcher of Khador. Surprisingly enough, is the first model I have actually completely finished. He is based, painted, and rearing to get more blood on his dripping axe, Lola. And after 10 months of being in this hobby, my first ever finished model:

A squad of tactical marines from the mysterious Consecrators. A branch chapter of the Dark Angels.

Kommander Sorscha. The soon to be leader of the Khadorian 5th Border Legion. Who's father was killed by Orsus Zoktavir, the Butcher of Khardov.

The Kovnik and officer of my Winterguard infantry. They still have more work, but are close to being done.

Alexia Ciannor. The heroine of the witchfire trilogy, the saga that gave the Iron Kingdoms their start. Here she is in her Warmachine sculpt with her undead. I traded her off for some skorne and Deathwing, but i do have the Iron Kingdoms sculpt coming in the mail.

The zombies i painted and dipped. I only added a basic base coat, and then i dipped them in minwax that we have had sitting around. It gave everything a nice dark brown shade.

That is all I have time for at this point, but there will be more to come. I have been seeking a brush on primer to use for modeling, but i tried the local hobby shops and art stores to no avail. I found a can of Kills primer in the storage shed of the house, so i am going to be testing out. Will let you guys know.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Viking Bench box

Here is one of the non gaming projects I have been working on, a historical re-enactor friend of mine asked me to make him a Viking age bench box, this is what I came up with.   It is made of yellow pine, stained with Golden Pecan stain and finished with a coat of clear Polyurethane.

The front says "Best is ones own nest, however small, you are always mistress of your own home."
This side says " May Odin give you knowledge on your path, may Thor grant you strength and courage on your way, and may Loki give you laughter as you go."

The back says " This box belongs to Evja Rögnvaldsdóttir, gifted to her by Christian Thoman of York on the day of her adoption into his household.
I struggled a bit with this side, I tried a few different designs and words, I finally settled on a variation of the other side, this one says "May Odin, far-wanderer grant you wisdom, courage and victory. May Friend Thor grant you his strength. And may both be with you." Also, it says "This box was made by Bjorn Grimketill."

and here is the lid.

Monday, October 3, 2011

From the Void

Hello? is there any one out there? It has been a very long while since any one has posted here, as stated in my previous post for me it is because I moved, I still have not sold my house in Greenville, so I can't buy one here or move much of my stuff down, I am kind of in limbo at the moment. I have also been concentrating on my SCA stuff a bit more than my wargames stuff, mainly because all my wargames stuff is sill in SC.

Anyway, I wanted to check in, and leave a few words to insure you that we will be returning from the void, rather sooner than later I should think, and when we do, beware. In the mean time, go here and check this blog out, this is my Swordbrother, he is still fairly new to 40k, so go easy on him.

Friday, July 8, 2011


So, it's been a while since me or any of my allies have posted on here, for me it's because I moved to Florida and have been running around trying to settle into the new job and city. I'm not sure what the other two are doing, I know that have been hard at work on their various armies and should have some things to show. I am going to add a new member to the crew, some one I have know for more than 10 years, so look for some new posts soon.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Shiloh Phoenix's WiP!

well i am finally gonna post something. i want to show you guys how hard it is to paint red. i recently was sucked into playing warmachine with some coworkers, and i have always loved the russian-ness of khador, so it was a pretty easy choice. unfortunally khador's colors are predominately red. i have thinned these colors down to the consistency of whole milk, to allow the detail of the model to remain.

in this first pic, you may be able to see the streakyness of the red on this destroyer. this red was painted with about 8 layers of thin GW blood red. I later tried a GW basecoat of mechanite red and after that was still streaky, i tried my nifty mix of red / gold.

next up are a sampling of my winterguard wip. the red again is splotchy, and so far, has been a nightmare. we'll see.
with sorscha, i tried the GW basecoat first, and then my nifty gold/red. after that, i will try putting down some basic blood red. we well see how that turns out, i will post more later when i get more of the painting done.

one more close up of the destroyer. You can see the splotches and streaks a bit better in this picture, but i am going to keep persisting on the red, and put a few more layers down.

next up was a request by vorn, who wanted me to add it. it is most certainly a modeling wip. this is ulthwé's response to the grey knights.

my assault wraithlord. i can't help but sing "can't touch this" to myself. the beauty of toughness 8 shines with these guys for sure. they only fall with poisoned weapons. hehe

more to come later, but for now, its back to the painting table. i am notoriously bad about starting projects before i finish any of them. i have been in modeling for over 6 months now, and i have not finished a single model. im aiming to get the khador troops, destroyer, and sorscha finished up first, and then maybe that wraithlord! i also have never photographed minis before, so i will have to setup somekind of lightbox.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Terminator conversion

It's been a while since I posted anything Game related, things have been a little slow for me modeling and gaming wise lately, but I had a random bit of creativity last night and got some work done. First I present my new Sword Brethren assault squad leader, I picked this miniature up from Daniel who got it in a bulk lot, it is one of the Termies from the new Space Hulk game. Now, I don't play Blood Angels, so I had to do some sanding and cutting before I could paint, those wacky Blood Angels sure like their iconography. Anyhoo, as with most every thing I do, He is a work in progress, and when I am satisfied I will post some better photos.

I also bought and built a Landraider  Redeemer last night, no photos for that one, but this is the second Crusader kit I have done, and I have to say that while I'm glad it is all plastic, the plastic seemed to be of a lower quality than I am used to, the pins for the front ramp broke off before I even started putting the glue on the walls, and I had several other frustrating breaks. I had to glue the lower front ramp shut, to bad, because I spent a lot of time painting the interior, I didn't use a lot of glue so once I suss out how to fix it, the doors will open properly again. I used the GW Black Templar Upgrade kit for the doors, and it is going to look great when it is finished.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free Comic day

So I headed out to Free comic day today, in full Klingon gear, I had a blast, there were a lot of costumed types there, I got some great photos opps with Doc Ock as well as The Golden age Flash and Green Lantern, and a pretty good TOS Red Shirt (Chris as a matter of fact) I also met a great artist named Devon Smith who humored me by sketching me in my Klingon kit, I had him ad him self to the drawing.
He also does a web comic, here is a picture of his main character, check him out, click the link under image to go to his page.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New faces

As you can see I have added a few new faces to the blog, I can't truly call it "my" blog any more, I found that after a flurry of random posting I wasn't getting anything done, and I didn't have as much time to dedicate to the blog as I would like, things are hectic in my life, the Maelstrom has opened and the forces of chaos are once again on my door step, I will be able to post more once things calm down a bit. I wanted to welcome both Chris and Daniel to the blog, I expect great things from both of them, so far what I have seen of their work is Phenomenal.  I guess that is all for the moment.I leave you with a non 40K related set of photos, since the last Harry Potter movie is soon to come out, I give you my Death Eater costume. I had a lot of fun building this, and especially painting the mask.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In the Beginning…(Part 1 – Choice of Army and Where to Start)

I’m sure all of the 40K veterans out there remember what it was like when they first started out, and how they approached the game. I remember that too, because I really AM just starting out. This article is about how one newbie has chosen to field an army based on limited experience, research, and observation. The other intriguing aspect of the newbie is how well they paint and how they choose to do it. I will cover that in another article.

In the beginning, there was Black Reach. Marines were blue, Orks were green, and a gallon of petrol was less than $1. Okay, I made that last part up, but I digress. I waited a long time to get involved in 40K, and with good reason. I tend to be competitive, for one, so I wasn’t going to play if I couldn’t win. Secondly, I knew I would become very enthusiastic and probably blow a lot of cash. Given both of those factors, I wasn’t going to run just any army. I could handle the balance of strengths versus weaknesses of any army, but I wanted an army with the strengths that played to my style of strategic thinking. My plan was to conceal my army of choice until it was time to field it…and it was insidious.

But soon I said “bollocks” to that idea and just picked one that I liked. My first 40K experience was with Orks (more on that below). I didn’t really like it at first. At range, they went down easy, and they couldn’t hit the broadside of a building with their guns. I have since learned the Tao of Orkdom and look forward to making Orks my second army choice, but it seemed that I gauged strength by ranged combat, and I wanted an army that could shoot a quark off of a gnat’s nose at 2000 yards. The Tau seemed to call out to me. So after my Black Reach Orks, I purchased a Tau Battleforce. At the time I write this, my Tau are untested in battle. I hope to change that very soon. My Tau roster consists of the following.

· Fire Warriors – I have 12 total, and their Devilfish transport. Most are equipped with the standard Pulse Rifle, but I did include some Pulse Carbines in the mix for the pinning effect. Following the recommendation of an experienced Tau player, I’m only planning to field 10 of the warriors, with one of them being a bonded Shas’ui with a markerlight and a drone controller. This adds two gun drones to the team (thus, there would be no more room in the Devilfish for the remaining two warriors) and will allow them to regroup even if they fall below 50% strength. Since I haven’t actually fielded this configuration yet, I’m yet to decide if that’s a good way for me to go. Feel free to comment on this approach.
· Kroot Carnivores – Again, an even dozen comprise the unit. I have no real working plan for the Kroot except to try to have them nearby when that inevitable melee combat lands on my doorstep. I honestly don’t have a lot of confidence in them. They go down just as easily as Ork Boyz (or even easier if there’s no Kroot Shaper in the unit) and I need to keep them in cover to take advantage of their strengths. I am open to any strategy ideas. I did spend the points for a Shaper for the 6+ armor save, and even gave him a gifted Pulse Rifle, for what it’s worth.
· 2 XV8 Command Teams – That’s two bonded XV8 Shas’o Commanders with two bodyguards each, plus accompanying drones. One Commander has the Airbursting Fragmentation Launcher (which I’m looking forward to trying), and the other has the Cyclic Ion Blaster (not so much). Since I wasn’t too keen on the Cyclic Ion Blaster, I bought a second AFL bit before I realized that I’m only allowed one per army. Even still, I have high confidence in this arrangement. There are enough shield generators and shield drones to make them hard to kill and I’m spending the points to make sure they hit what they shoot at. Most of these guys were bought used, so I didn’t have as much choice with their weapons as I would like to have had. For example, one has two Fusion Blasters and a Missile Pod. He can melt tanks all day long, but he’s definitely going to be keeping a shield drone in a job. Thankfully two others came with the coveted Plasma Rifle, which I pretty much field on every XV8 I can. It’s hard-hitting, and has good range. Of course, I will probably mix and match whatever bits I can come up with, so “Fusion Boy” may yet get reconfigured. I have also considered having just one command team and one pure XV8 unit, but if I have the points to spend, I might as well field both commanders, right?
· 1 XV25 Stealth Team with Marker Drone – I’m really looking forward to seeing what these guys can do. Each has a shield generator. Two have Burst Cannons, and the team leader has a Fusion Blaster. The most notable thing about this unit is the paint job. I went outside of Citadel’s paint selection for these guys and went with Testor’s Gloss Black for the entire suit, and Gloss Blue for the eye piece. Their weapons also have some silver for contrast. Simple, yet very effective. They look like Darth Vader’s entourage, and I’m very pleased with the look. But now we’re getting into the subject of the next article…so moving on.
· 3 XV88 Broadsides – If the main strategy of the Tau is to eliminate my opposing force before they can get close, what better way than with a team of crisis suits loaded out with twin-linked railguns and a smart missile system?
· 1 Hammerhead – Why play Tau if you can’t bring Mr. Railgun to the party? Yes, the Broadside team does have railguns, but not “MR.” Railgun. It’s got all the punch I could ask for, and I LOVE the option for the submunition! Obviously, I hope to have great fun with this item, assuming my opponent doesn’t take it out on the first turn.
On that note, I would like to share an experience from my very first 40K games. For my first game, I was playing Orks, loaned to me for the night by one of my opponents. This was a 4-way dining table brawl. I knew nothing about the rules or placement or what my opponents could do. One of the items in my arsenal was a looted Space Marine Land Raider, which I was eager to learn how to use. The player to my right had the first turn, during which he used a Devastator Squad to destroy my vehicle…before I even had a chance to learn what it could do. All is fair in war, right? No sweat. I ended up winning that night by sheer attrition. It was a very casual game and no points were counted up. It was just for fun. Still, I remembered what happened to my vehicle.

Fast forward to my second game. I knew a little bit more than I used to, but still not a lot. It was another casual 4-way battle, and once again I played the Orks on loan. We are sitting in the same seating arrangement as before. I knew enough to not make my Ork vehicles easy targets again. (This, by the way, is the point of contention. In my first game, no one told me, “Hey, you might not want to put that vehicle there” when I knew nothing about how the game is played. Did I mention I tend to be competitive?) Meanwhile, the guy that deprived me of my vehicle in the first game is finally getting to use his Ultramarines Bike Squad. Oh really? [evil grin] I sent a unit of Boyz right at them. I don’t recall exactly how it went from there, or if my Warboss and Nobz managed to get there to help, but in the end, his Bike Squad was done within 12” of where they started. So take heed; I do return favors, and I hear that Mr. Railgun hits hard. :-)

To get back to the contents of my army, I find that Commander Shadowsun and Pathfinders are essential add-ons to what I have. I’m also keen on adding Sniper Drones, Vespids, and maybe an Ethereal with an honor guard. I’m not that eager to go with Piranhas at the moment, but time and experience may change my mind, which I suppose is the whole point of what I’m saying.

The Codex tells you what everything does, and online articles, forums, and fellow players can offer their insights, but it seems there’s no getting around casting fate to the wind and taking your lumps until you have properly learned the Art of War(hammer 40,000). Next time, maybe my Tau will reduce my opponents to smoldering dust. Maybe my friend’s Gray Knights, with their fondness for teleportation and overall lethality, will send me reeling. Either way, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grand Inquisiter Mathus

In honor of the "New" Daemonhunters codex release, I present the Daemonhunter I made when the first codex came out. Also, I still need to tweak the lighting or camera settings for the mini studio a bit.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I dunno if its Legal...

...But I like it.

Again I can't sleep, just getting over the last bit if being sick I guess, anyway, I was sitting around, somewhat disheartened about my multiple failed attempts at inking and dry brushing my Basilisk, when all of a sudden I got a flash for something new, I had a WAGH! as me ol Da used to say.  So here it is, well, here is what I cobbled together so far, still somewhat in the development stages, but Im happy with it, here are some lovely photographs... yes, sleep would be good right now, but at least I was able to build something cool because I lack said sleep.

I give you The Bloody Fist 'o' Gork!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nurgle's Rot

Not a whole lot to report for this last week, I ended up catching a pretty foul bug I even ended up missing some work. So I didn't really work on anything model wise this weekend, I tried to ink wash and dry brush the Basilisk, but I was pretty unhappy with how it came out, luckily a q-tip and some warm water took off most of the ink and such. Time to start fresh, I did get the Kommander and got a big shoota installed. Anyway, due to my bout of Nurgle's Rot, thats about all I had time for, I spent the rest of the weekend sleeping and playing G.T.A. San Andreas with the volume at full blast, much to my neighbors shegrin. 

Since my lungs finally seem cleared out enough to function properly I will try to get some pictures up in the morning (afternoon for you day walkers). Until then I leave you with a few photos of a few of my favorite Kommandos.

This Rokkit boy has one of the Conversion labs heads I mentioned before, his launcher is made from a rocket I got some where, I think its part of an Imperial Krak or Frag rocket off of a tank, the blast shield is from the Fantasy Black Orks Kit, he is also sporting a Rokkit pistol made from a Deffkopta Rokkit.

This knife boy prefers sneekin up on gits n grots n such n stickin 'em fulla holes, if that doesn't work he keeps a few Stickbombs and a slugga handy...

another Conversion Labs head on this Burna Boy, his Scorcha is made from various Imperial Guard and Kroot bits, the hoses are mostly Skaven tails. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looted Basilisk

I started working on my looted Basilisk, none of these pics were taken with the mini photo lab, sorry. I had decided I was not happy with the paint scheme I had on it, so I started over by stripping it and painting it a solid metallic color.

I then applied Liquid masking film to all of the friction areas, corners, edges, areas of damage etc.

after letting the masking film dry I painted on a camo scheme I  liked.

Once that dried I peeled off the masking film, I am pretty happy with how it came out, there is still quite a bit of work to do, put the Kommander back on and add some big shootas and some boys, but so far, here it is.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mini Photo Studio pt. 2

So, I didn't get as much done on the photo studio as I wanted to, but there's really not a lot to it, I have everything collected including a whifty new box to store it all in that will also double as a frame for the filters. As you will see, I have expanded my original idea after reading this tutorial from Nesbet Miniatures. My portable lab consists of 3 clip on desk lamps with energy efficient soft daylight bulbs in them (no heat) a roll of wax paper for filters (I couldn't find butter paper.) some ultra clear packing tape to fix said filters and a pad of really big white paper for the actual back drop. Here are some photos. And yes, those are skunks on the cover of the pad.

 I also made it to the hobby store and picked up some random stuff for flocking bases and weathering vehicles, and here is a picture of that haul.

Mini Photo Studio

So I managed to pick up every thing I needed to start my version of the mini photo studio for miniature photography, I didn't have time to put it together yet, but I will do that in the morning, and I will take photos of my progress. Realizing that I will soon have a serviceable mini studio made me realize that I really need to step up my game and get some stuff finished, it also made me re-think some  of the items I had thought were finished. I started a repaint on one of my Ork looted tanks today, once I looked over it I saw how much I had left unfinished. I will post a few photos of the original somewhat plain paint job I did on it and once I have it repainted I will post some new ones. I would appreciate any comments and tips, keeping in mind that painting is not my strong suit. I will also post a picture of one of my favorite kitbashes, a custom Ork Mekboy, unfinished, but very close, I need to finish the green stuff and paint him. I would like feedback on him to. So on with the photos.

First, my looted Basilisk. Keep in mind it is now being repainted. I especially like the Commander, who kept the hat of the vehicles original Commander.

and here's my Mekboy, his body, head and engine are from a Deffkopta, his arms and weapons are Fantasy Black Ork, his lower torso is a space marine tank pilot, his legs are Fantasy Black Ork arms and his feet are Deffkopta rockets.