Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mini Photo Studio pt. 2

So, I didn't get as much done on the photo studio as I wanted to, but there's really not a lot to it, I have everything collected including a whifty new box to store it all in that will also double as a frame for the filters. As you will see, I have expanded my original idea after reading this tutorial from Nesbet Miniatures. My portable lab consists of 3 clip on desk lamps with energy efficient soft daylight bulbs in them (no heat) a roll of wax paper for filters (I couldn't find butter paper.) some ultra clear packing tape to fix said filters and a pad of really big white paper for the actual back drop. Here are some photos. And yes, those are skunks on the cover of the pad.

 I also made it to the hobby store and picked up some random stuff for flocking bases and weathering vehicles, and here is a picture of that haul.


  1. Hey Vorn,

    Looks like you're making progress!

    There's one thing you could do to improve your photyography almost immediately. and thats discover a little more about your cameras white balance settings.

    Your pics have a real yellow cast to them, and that because these shots were taken in yellow tinged incadescant lighting. if you move, without changing anything to using the daylight bulbs, you'll probarbly find a blueish cast appears.

    However if you use the cameras white balance settings to tell the camera what materials should be white, or alternaltely what the colour temp of light you're shooting in is, you can have your white be white (just like in a detergent commercial) and not yellow or blue tinted.

    i'd be more detailed, but I don't know what camera you're using, it might be a point and click, in which case youd have settings for "daylight" "indoors" and "flash" etc.

    have alook and a tweak, colour reproduction is important for mini photography.

  2. Awesome, thanks for the advice, I did mess around with the settings a bit on the cameras, and got a much better result, I will be posting some new photos soon, both of the cameras are point and click types, one digital and one 35mm film.

    Interestingly enough several of those shots were in day light with the florescent light setting, I didn't know that's what it would do on the auto setting.

    I don't have the cameras where I am so I can't tell you what make they are, other than that one of them is a Cannon (the 35mm) and one is a Vivitar (the digital)but once I get where they are I'll post the camera info.

    Again Thanks, that info should come in useful.

  3. You're welcome mate, and I can see from the latest post that theres a lot more neutral light temp in your pics now, so well done :)