Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nurgle's Rot

Not a whole lot to report for this last week, I ended up catching a pretty foul bug I even ended up missing some work. So I didn't really work on anything model wise this weekend, I tried to ink wash and dry brush the Basilisk, but I was pretty unhappy with how it came out, luckily a q-tip and some warm water took off most of the ink and such. Time to start fresh, I did get the Kommander and got a big shoota installed. Anyway, due to my bout of Nurgle's Rot, thats about all I had time for, I spent the rest of the weekend sleeping and playing G.T.A. San Andreas with the volume at full blast, much to my neighbors shegrin. 

Since my lungs finally seem cleared out enough to function properly I will try to get some pictures up in the morning (afternoon for you day walkers). Until then I leave you with a few photos of a few of my favorite Kommandos.

This Rokkit boy has one of the Conversion labs heads I mentioned before, his launcher is made from a rocket I got some where, I think its part of an Imperial Krak or Frag rocket off of a tank, the blast shield is from the Fantasy Black Orks Kit, he is also sporting a Rokkit pistol made from a Deffkopta Rokkit.

This knife boy prefers sneekin up on gits n grots n such n stickin 'em fulla holes, if that doesn't work he keeps a few Stickbombs and a slugga handy...

another Conversion Labs head on this Burna Boy, his Scorcha is made from various Imperial Guard and Kroot bits, the hoses are mostly Skaven tails. 

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