Friday, March 18, 2011

The Weekend has arrived.

So its finally time for my weekend, my last night of work was like pulling teeth all night, but I made it through. I am excited to get started on my mini photo studio project. I have a lot of models that I want to get finished and get photographed, and I have some stuff already to go up, hopefully in the next few days there will be a bunch of new photos to post.

I also decided on a few new projects I want to work on, I was looking over several blogs and through my bits boxes and I got some great inspiration. I really need to focus on getting the stuff I already have finished, but some of these new ideas wont wait, any one whos had the bug for any length of time can relate.

I guess I will close this with a photo of my Ork Kommando Nob, he is unfinished, as are two thirds of my armies, but I like him. he started life as a Blackreach Nob and I didn't alter him much, the blades are from the Ogre Kingdoms fantasy line, I have a new brainpan for him coming from MaxMini, but until then, he's stuck with the mug that Mork and Gork gave him... Enjoy.

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