Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I dunno if its Legal...

...But I like it.

Again I can't sleep, just getting over the last bit if being sick I guess, anyway, I was sitting around, somewhat disheartened about my multiple failed attempts at inking and dry brushing my Basilisk, when all of a sudden I got a flash for something new, I had a WAGH! as me ol Da used to say.  So here it is, well, here is what I cobbled together so far, still somewhat in the development stages, but Im happy with it, here are some lovely photographs... yes, sleep would be good right now, but at least I was able to build something cool because I lack said sleep.

I give you The Bloody Fist 'o' Gork!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nurgle's Rot

Not a whole lot to report for this last week, I ended up catching a pretty foul bug I even ended up missing some work. So I didn't really work on anything model wise this weekend, I tried to ink wash and dry brush the Basilisk, but I was pretty unhappy with how it came out, luckily a q-tip and some warm water took off most of the ink and such. Time to start fresh, I did get the Kommander and got a big shoota installed. Anyway, due to my bout of Nurgle's Rot, thats about all I had time for, I spent the rest of the weekend sleeping and playing G.T.A. San Andreas with the volume at full blast, much to my neighbors shegrin. 

Since my lungs finally seem cleared out enough to function properly I will try to get some pictures up in the morning (afternoon for you day walkers). Until then I leave you with a few photos of a few of my favorite Kommandos.

This Rokkit boy has one of the Conversion labs heads I mentioned before, his launcher is made from a rocket I got some where, I think its part of an Imperial Krak or Frag rocket off of a tank, the blast shield is from the Fantasy Black Orks Kit, he is also sporting a Rokkit pistol made from a Deffkopta Rokkit.

This knife boy prefers sneekin up on gits n grots n such n stickin 'em fulla holes, if that doesn't work he keeps a few Stickbombs and a slugga handy...

another Conversion Labs head on this Burna Boy, his Scorcha is made from various Imperial Guard and Kroot bits, the hoses are mostly Skaven tails. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looted Basilisk

I started working on my looted Basilisk, none of these pics were taken with the mini photo lab, sorry. I had decided I was not happy with the paint scheme I had on it, so I started over by stripping it and painting it a solid metallic color.

I then applied Liquid masking film to all of the friction areas, corners, edges, areas of damage etc.

after letting the masking film dry I painted on a camo scheme I  liked.

Once that dried I peeled off the masking film, I am pretty happy with how it came out, there is still quite a bit of work to do, put the Kommander back on and add some big shootas and some boys, but so far, here it is.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mini Photo Studio pt. 2

So, I didn't get as much done on the photo studio as I wanted to, but there's really not a lot to it, I have everything collected including a whifty new box to store it all in that will also double as a frame for the filters. As you will see, I have expanded my original idea after reading this tutorial from Nesbet Miniatures. My portable lab consists of 3 clip on desk lamps with energy efficient soft daylight bulbs in them (no heat) a roll of wax paper for filters (I couldn't find butter paper.) some ultra clear packing tape to fix said filters and a pad of really big white paper for the actual back drop. Here are some photos. And yes, those are skunks on the cover of the pad.

 I also made it to the hobby store and picked up some random stuff for flocking bases and weathering vehicles, and here is a picture of that haul.

Mini Photo Studio

So I managed to pick up every thing I needed to start my version of the mini photo studio for miniature photography, I didn't have time to put it together yet, but I will do that in the morning, and I will take photos of my progress. Realizing that I will soon have a serviceable mini studio made me realize that I really need to step up my game and get some stuff finished, it also made me re-think some  of the items I had thought were finished. I started a repaint on one of my Ork looted tanks today, once I looked over it I saw how much I had left unfinished. I will post a few photos of the original somewhat plain paint job I did on it and once I have it repainted I will post some new ones. I would appreciate any comments and tips, keeping in mind that painting is not my strong suit. I will also post a picture of one of my favorite kitbashes, a custom Ork Mekboy, unfinished, but very close, I need to finish the green stuff and paint him. I would like feedback on him to. So on with the photos.

First, my looted Basilisk. Keep in mind it is now being repainted. I especially like the Commander, who kept the hat of the vehicles original Commander.

and here's my Mekboy, his body, head and engine are from a Deffkopta, his arms and weapons are Fantasy Black Ork, his lower torso is a space marine tank pilot, his legs are Fantasy Black Ork arms and his feet are Deffkopta rockets.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Weekend has arrived.

So its finally time for my weekend, my last night of work was like pulling teeth all night, but I made it through. I am excited to get started on my mini photo studio project. I have a lot of models that I want to get finished and get photographed, and I have some stuff already to go up, hopefully in the next few days there will be a bunch of new photos to post.

I also decided on a few new projects I want to work on, I was looking over several blogs and through my bits boxes and I got some great inspiration. I really need to focus on getting the stuff I already have finished, but some of these new ideas wont wait, any one whos had the bug for any length of time can relate.

I guess I will close this with a photo of my Ork Kommando Nob, he is unfinished, as are two thirds of my armies, but I like him. he started life as a Blackreach Nob and I didn't alter him much, the blades are from the Ogre Kingdoms fantasy line, I have a new brainpan for him coming from MaxMini, but until then, he's stuck with the mug that Mork and Gork gave him... Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back from work, and I have to say, it was less stressful than yesterday, so maybe I will get a little sleep tonight. I did find out that while I can read blogs and make comments, and do some minor alterations to my own at work, I can not post from there due to firewalls or some such nonsense...

I started collecting the items needed for my new photography project, I have two cameras, neither one professional grade, but with the hints offered in the Santa Cruz Warhammer tutorial on miniature photography I should be able to take some decent photos. The first item I picked up is a tabletop tripod, I found a decent one for $7.50 on clearance at wal-mart

I already have lighting so all I will need to do is set up the white back drop.

I also said I would give you some numbers on my Ork forces, well, it's hard to say, I have at least 4 Blackreach boxes worth of Ork Boys, Nobs and various other items, a killa kan, a war truk, two looted tanks and a war buggy, I chopped up most of the deffkoptas, but still have a squad of five. I also have a 10 man squad of Kommandos with some Conversion Lab Ork heads, a custom Warboss and retinue of Nobs in Mega armor (for now I proxy altered fantasy Black Orks.) who I based on Marenus Calgar (dual powerclaws with bigshootas) and so my Ork force is somewhat Ultramarine inspired, as soon as I get some clear photos, you will see what I mean, but for now, heres a photo of my Warboss.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


and of course I could not forget my boys... more on numbers later, I have to go to work now...

Imperial forces

I don't have a lot of time to blog about anything relevant right at the moment, but I thought I would throw a few photos up and mention what I have on the table at the moment, most of my forces with the exception of my Gray Knights are in various stages of being finished, part of the problem is that I have so much stuff I can never get a handle on it all. Here is a list of the Imperial forces I could field right now, and a photo, I will start taking some individual photos of the troops and vehicles this weekend.  Also note that some of the guard stuff is not shown in this photo, and since they changed the codex, none of the Daemon hunter stuff is until I re-organize them, for that you will have to wait for the next blog.

Black Templars

1 Acolyte squad of 10 marines and 10 initiates.

1 Swordbrethern squad of 10 marines and 10 initiates

1 five man Swordbrethern
Terminator squad with teleport homer

1 five man squad of ranged combat Terminators with heavy flamer and
teleport homer

1 command squad of 8 Swordbrethern marines, and a Master Chaplin

1 Venerable Dreadnaught

1 Rhino

1 Landraider Crusader.

Gray Knights

2 ten man squads of Marines

1 Purgation squad of 6 marines with heavy flamers

1 ten man Terminator squad with teleport homer

1 Command squad, 5 Terminators and Chapter Master with Terminator honors

1 Venerable Dreadnaught

1 Rhino

1 Landraider Crusader.

Imperial Guard

12 ten man infantry squads with Sergeant and Commissar

1 ten man infantry squad with Sergeant and Imperial Preacher

1 ten man Penal legion squad with Sergeant and Commissar

1 five man Ogryn squad with Commissar

6 heavy weapons teams

1 five man Command squad with regimental standards and medic

3 Chimeras

2 Hell hounds (chimera body but armed with inferno cannons)

2 Baneblades


Daemon Hunters

3 Inquisitor Lords with Retinue

2 Daemon hosts

1 Landraider Crusader

1 Hydra Flak tank (chimera body but armed with 4 twin linked

Monday, March 14, 2011

Second Blog

So I said I wasn't much of a blogger, and here is my second post of the day... I should be in bed, but I can't sleep, this happens often when I have had a stressful night at work, I just can't unwind and end up staying up later than I would usually. I have been watching The Lexx, its goofy Scifi fun, but I forgot how serious it gets in season 3, and I am enjoying it more now than I did when it was out on TV, perhaps because I never saw it in the proper order, or saw all the episodes or whatever...

I think one of the reasons I really didn't think much of posting my own miniatures and models, besides the fact that they are not that good,  is because I can't seem to take any decent photos of them, I suspect that is about to change though, I came across this blog by Santa Cruz Warhammer and learned quite a bit about photographing miniatures and such.


 I think this weekend, if I have the time, I will put some of these techniques to work and I will post some of the stuff that is partially and fully finished.  Another thing I will start doing is documenting my work as I do it, since it is always a learning experience for me, maybe some one else can learn from what I do. I suppose that's it for now, I really should try to get some sleep.

first blog

So, Im not much of a blogger, really, I made this so I could lurk on other folks blogs and check out the cool miniature game painting and modeling that I will never have the talent to do. I will post some of the things I have created and will always welcome any advice, I will also post some non related stuff from other projects I do such as my wood working and my S.C.A. arts and sciences projects, and maybe some fan fiction if I feel in the mood. Well I guess that's it for now. I will leave you with this, no matter how tough, every tank commander deserves a fancy hat...