Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back from work, and I have to say, it was less stressful than yesterday, so maybe I will get a little sleep tonight. I did find out that while I can read blogs and make comments, and do some minor alterations to my own at work, I can not post from there due to firewalls or some such nonsense...

I started collecting the items needed for my new photography project, I have two cameras, neither one professional grade, but with the hints offered in the Santa Cruz Warhammer tutorial on miniature photography I should be able to take some decent photos. The first item I picked up is a tabletop tripod, I found a decent one for $7.50 on clearance at wal-mart

I already have lighting so all I will need to do is set up the white back drop.

I also said I would give you some numbers on my Ork forces, well, it's hard to say, I have at least 4 Blackreach boxes worth of Ork Boys, Nobs and various other items, a killa kan, a war truk, two looted tanks and a war buggy, I chopped up most of the deffkoptas, but still have a squad of five. I also have a 10 man squad of Kommandos with some Conversion Lab Ork heads, a custom Warboss and retinue of Nobs in Mega armor (for now I proxy altered fantasy Black Orks.) who I based on Marenus Calgar (dual powerclaws with bigshootas) and so my Ork force is somewhat Ultramarine inspired, as soon as I get some clear photos, you will see what I mean, but for now, heres a photo of my Warboss.

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