Friday, June 10, 2011

Shiloh Phoenix's WiP!

well i am finally gonna post something. i want to show you guys how hard it is to paint red. i recently was sucked into playing warmachine with some coworkers, and i have always loved the russian-ness of khador, so it was a pretty easy choice. unfortunally khador's colors are predominately red. i have thinned these colors down to the consistency of whole milk, to allow the detail of the model to remain.

in this first pic, you may be able to see the streakyness of the red on this destroyer. this red was painted with about 8 layers of thin GW blood red. I later tried a GW basecoat of mechanite red and after that was still streaky, i tried my nifty mix of red / gold.

next up are a sampling of my winterguard wip. the red again is splotchy, and so far, has been a nightmare. we'll see.
with sorscha, i tried the GW basecoat first, and then my nifty gold/red. after that, i will try putting down some basic blood red. we well see how that turns out, i will post more later when i get more of the painting done.

one more close up of the destroyer. You can see the splotches and streaks a bit better in this picture, but i am going to keep persisting on the red, and put a few more layers down.

next up was a request by vorn, who wanted me to add it. it is most certainly a modeling wip. this is ulthwé's response to the grey knights.

my assault wraithlord. i can't help but sing "can't touch this" to myself. the beauty of toughness 8 shines with these guys for sure. they only fall with poisoned weapons. hehe

more to come later, but for now, its back to the painting table. i am notoriously bad about starting projects before i finish any of them. i have been in modeling for over 6 months now, and i have not finished a single model. im aiming to get the khador troops, destroyer, and sorscha finished up first, and then maybe that wraithlord! i also have never photographed minis before, so i will have to setup somekind of lightbox.


  1. Very nice sir, I don't think the red looks to bad, for GW paints that is... I have some trouble with red as well, but I usually only have to do two coats or so. The Wraithlord looks Phenomenal by the way, thanks for posting it, I cant wait to see the whole squad. Now we just need to have the enigmatic Mr Jones post some of his enigmatic Tau. Check the links further back in the blog for some good info on miniature photographing.

  2. For reds recently I have had good results with Khador Red, before that would use a red automotive primer for my jacks, most of the infantry I would use hull red from vallejo and work my way up over white primer.