Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Viking Bench box

Here is one of the non gaming projects I have been working on, a historical re-enactor friend of mine asked me to make him a Viking age bench box, this is what I came up with.   It is made of yellow pine, stained with Golden Pecan stain and finished with a coat of clear Polyurethane.

The front says "Best is ones own nest, however small, you are always mistress of your own home."
This side says " May Odin give you knowledge on your path, may Thor grant you strength and courage on your way, and may Loki give you laughter as you go."

The back says " This box belongs to Evja Rögnvaldsdóttir, gifted to her by Christian Thoman of York on the day of her adoption into his household.
I struggled a bit with this side, I tried a few different designs and words, I finally settled on a variation of the other side, this one says "May Odin, far-wanderer grant you wisdom, courage and victory. May Friend Thor grant you his strength. And may both be with you." Also, it says "This box was made by Bjorn Grimketill."

and here is the lid.

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  1. That is awesome my friend. I would love a box like that one. But I know I will have to save for it. I know she will love it.