Friday, March 30, 2012

400 pt escalation league battle report... a sad day for my Black Templars

++++Transmission begins++++

Imperial Datafax: desg1769833

Priority level: Military Intelligence - utmost urgency

Transmitted: Black Templars Forward Command post, Hive ruin Gamma 12, Reigelis Sector, Segmentum Obscura.

Date: 3453012.M41

Transmitter: Astropath Prime Spartax

Receiver: Brother Commander Maglus Vagh, by way of Astropath -Terminus Azlan

Author: Brother Captain Lucius, Forward Command

Subject: The Loss of Vindictus Company Squads Vorenus, Pullo and Chaplain Longinus at the hands of the sinister forces of the Tau.

Data Follows:

Brother Commander, it is my sad duty to inform you that on Imperial date 3453012.M41 elements of Vindictus Company operating a rescue mission of the passengers and crew of the downed Aquila transport "His Furious Vengance" in the Hive ruin designated Gamma 12 encountered a hostile Xenos force known as the Tau ShasKor'la Cadre. After exacting great casualties, Chaplain Longinus and his two squads were defeated.

Brother Sergeant Titus of Pullo Squad was the last man standing and made a valiant attempt to destroy the enemy force commander in hand to hand combat, and though he struck a mighty blow in the name of the Emperor, unfortunately insidious Xenos technology proved to great for the Valiant hero, and he was overcome by the greater number of enemy forces. I would like to recommend him for the crux terminus posthumously, and request possible interment in a holy Dreadnought.

At this moment, a force lead by Brother Chaplain Jerelous, and comprising of The Emperors Champion, a Swordbrethern Terminator Assault squad and 2 initiate squads from the remainder of Vindictus Company are departing for Hive Ruin Gamma 12 to exact glorious vengeance upon the vile forces of the Tau. I will send you an updated battle report upon their return.

Respectfully yours

Brother Captain Lucius

Thought for the day: Vengeance flies on Wings of Truth.

++++Transmission Ends ++++
So up until this point, I have not lost with my Templars, it has been win or draw. I was pretty let down when I was utterly decimated by a smaller force of Tau.  Granted, I was only running two 8 man initiate squads and a chaplain, but I expected more from them than that. I know what my tactic should have been, instead of rushing head long into battle I should have taken and held two of the three objectives on the field and made the jumping crisis suits come to me. What I faced was two squads of Fire Warriors, and a command squad comprising of a crisis suited commander, his body guard and 2 gun drones. Ah well, it's been so long since I even played, I guess I had it coming. My 800 point force will avenge their fallen sword brothers.

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  1. Transmission begins:
    *static* ...... 7th detachment, 12th company Kato legion. We have just finished training with Imperial Emmasaries from Cadia. *static* .... 128th company en route. Primaris Psyker Qin Shi Li accompanied the platoons as well as a Leman Russ Main Battle Tank from the 3rd corps. Dark Eldar incursions have delay.... *static* .....
    Transmition ends.