Tuesday, March 6, 2012

25th Anniversary limited edition Space Marine.

Greetings, it has been a while hasn't it? I have moved to Florida and back since I last posted, and Daniel has started School on top of working full time, sadly life some times gets in the way.

A few days a good friend of mine, Chris, owner of Big Robot Games asked me if I would like to paint the Fine Cast 25th Anniversary limited edition Space Marine from Games Workshop so he could display it in the store. At that point I had only heard of the Fine Cast line, but had never seen any of the miniatures, except for a Gandalf the White that Daniel bought for his wife. I was amazed at the detail in this miniature, and at once started questioning my ability to do it justice. However, in true Imperial Spirit I buckled down and took one for the Emperor. It won't win a Golden Demon award, but I am pretty happy with how it came out.

Brother Matthew displays the box per-opening.
 Some of the amazing Fine Cast detail, there was quite a bit of flash that needed to be cleaned off, but it came off with out any trouble.

 Starting assembly.


  1. I do like the Finecast miniatures a lot. Not much available for Tau just yet there is at least the Sniper Drone squad, which I needed anyway.

    Excellent job, on the painting, sir! It looks great.

    1. Many thanks my friend, Chris was very happy with it as well. I also painted an old promo Imperial Guard I got from Daniel, you can see them both in the shop display case.

      I suspect you probably know already, but we are starting up an Escalation League for 40K at Big Robot.

  2. Beorn, I would say that is your best painting yet. I can tell you were aiming to do the best you could for Chris. It shows too.